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Angelic Eyes "Classic" D Curl Lashes

£6.90 £8.99

At IYKE, we love to make strip lashes that creates an impression and gives you the natural high impact look. Our Classic D Curl lashes gives you the classic dramatic look, a large opening for the eyes, accompanied by fuller and attractive eyelashes. Angelic Eyes Classic D Curl Lashes, is made to specifications such as thickness, length, material that you need to grasp. Get the Mega lash extensions look, without the price tag or damage to your natural lash. Free Shipping is offered on these product.

Angelic Eyes Classic D Curl Lashes, creates an impressive impression, You can surely conquer with the dramatic look effect. Our D Curl strip lash is a perfect choice for anyone who wants their eyelashes to have an impressive effects, such as Volume, Doll, Wispy, Fox eyes, Cat Eyes, etc.

The Angelic Eyes Classic D Curl Lashes is made up of five different classic, impressive and dramatic styles in one box. They are long enough, the curls are moderate but the density is uneven. Angelic Eyes Classic D Curl Lashes was made to give you about 70 degree curl, enhance the shape of your eyes, create impressive impression and leave you with trendy eyelashes.

At IYKE, we are passionate about lashes, we strive to provide all our customers with first class lashes, and accessories. It is our wish that you enjoy the high standard of products we offer at affordable prices. Our Classic and Mega D Curl strip Lashes look just like lash extensions, can be worn up to 15 times. 





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